Trey Willingham

Trey Willingham

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My name is Robert Willingham, better known as Trey.  As a kid, I enjoyed being active, playing tag, or making ramps to jump our bikes, and playing baseball since I was 4 years old.  I’ve always been competitive, and began playing football, basketball and track in the seventh grade. Through my Sophomore year in high school I played all sports, after that my main focus was on basketball because it was the sport I excelled in and enjoyed the most.  One month after graduating high school in 2003,  I joined the Air Force.  Since then I have served in Iraq, South Korea, and Afghanistan.   I married my wife Cassie Willingham and we have a son Steele who means the world to me.  I have traveled to countless places all around the world like, Chile, Germany, Hawaii, and Qatar.  Being active in some kind or sport or workout regimen has been important to me my entire life while also playing a pivotal role in my fourteen years of service.  In 2010 I became a certified Turbo Kickboxing instructor just doing the basic cardio classes at 24 Hour Fitness.  Typically my workouts were traditional gym sessions with my military buddies chest, biceps and triceps with some squats and deadlifts, just the basic isometric training.  Being active in the military and growing older you’re still required to remain physically fit regardless of your age.  This led a few of us to start following the CrossFit page in 2012 on our own; with no real coaches, without ever having the ability to attend a class or receive any training for CrossFit. We loved the workouts because it incorporated cardio and strength all in one, it was functional fitness at its finest.  As a member of the military I still wanted a workout regimen with structure. In 2014 I researched some CrossFit “boxes” in my area. The first box I decided to try was CrossFit Burleson.   Since I walked through those doors, regardless of the workout for the day, I was hooked. A completely diverse community coming together to complete a task or the “WOD” was exactly what I was looking for, it felt like home. Everyone pushing each other to do better no matter if you were first or last.  Fast forward a few years, I am serving in Afghanistan for almost seven months; doing my training and trying my best to keep up with CrossFit back home.  With four to five others working out with me I was basically training them like our coaches back home.  At this point I decided that upon returning home I would look into getting my CFL1. Now here I am today, a coach at CrossFit Burleson. On the outside, I may not seem like the loud enthusiastic person, say all the right words or the technical terms but I love coaching and trying to help others be better, and accomplish things within themselves that they never thought possible.


  • Crossfit Level 1

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