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Max Thompson


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As a child I was always taught to be active, whether playing outside with friends or focusing on team oriented sports through grade school. Basketball was my sport of choice through school and sadly they seemed to focus more on the cardiovascular endurance of all the young athletes. Knowing lifting weights was an essential part of any sport, it led me to join a local community gym.

Throughout my few years of training in the off-season at the local gym, my sister Nikki convinced me to try out a free “boot camp” class with her when I was 16.  Although every opportunity is what you make of it, this summer “boot camp” class had me giggling through the hour.

A few months later my sister again came to me, “Max you have to try this class they just opened up inside the gym called Crossfit, you’ll love it!”  Having remembered the previous class she had dragged me to I systematically laughed and told her ill stick to the basic, squat, bench and deadlift. After about two to three weeks of constant belligerent behavior from my sister to try this new class she found, I finally caved in.

Now, some folks can recall their first CrossFit WOD and reminisce in the beginning. I contrarily cannot remember what we had to do on that significant day. However I can tell you exactly how I felt when I was done. There was no laughing or giggling on the work that we had just accomplished. There was just enough energy for me to lay there holding back a single tear trying to figure out, “what did she just get me into?”

That single day led me to inspire and encourage those next to me to live the life of functional fitness. Today I’m 25 years old and have been doing CrossFit for 9 years. I’m also studying Kinesiology, Math and Science at the University of Texas in Arlington with hopes to head coach youth sports and teach.

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