Kayla Morton

Certified Coach/ GM
Kayla Morton


Hey, I’m Kayla and I am a Certified Crossfit Coach and your General Manager at Crossfit Burleson.  I have 2 sons….Austin, 16 and Cooper, 6.  You’ll see Coop quite a bit running around the gym and giving high fives when he’s not trying to do pull-ups.  Both of my boys are very much into sports, you can find me with them or at a racetrack when I’m not at the gym.  I started racing professionally when I was 16 and am very blessed to have found success in that part of my life.

I live and breathe this place!  I do my very best to run a clean, organized, and HAPPY place for our clients to work out in.  I thrive off of making things and people better.  I will be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way and the Coach that will push your limits.  Whether it be group class, personal training, or nutrition coaching….I would love to help you be a better version of you!  Let’s get under a barbell and go to work!!

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