Ashley Lugo

Ashley Lugo

Certified Coach


My name is Ashley Lugo and I have been a CFL-1 certified since 2013. I am a full time mommy to three wonderful little boys and a full time nursing student, completing my Bachelor of Science and Nursing. CrossFit was life changing for me after the birth of my second son. We are a military family and moved across the country a few times before settling. I remember my first class and looking at this thing in front of me called a rowing machine and wondering what that was going to do to help me. I had never touched a pull up bar or seen a bumper plate. I went home kind of in a daze but got up and came back two days later. Fast forward to my third pregnancy and I was still participating in CrossFit classes up until the day my third son made his appearance. I was in such great shape – his birth could almost be classified as easy!

Becoming part of the CrossFit community provided me with not just friends and coaches, but with a family. Coaching has granted me the ability to spread my joy and knowledge to our athletes and the chance to watch them grow and succeed. I give as much of myself as I can to each person because at the end of the day performance is great but relationships built are everlasting. A strong support system breeds strength and accountability and it’s a privilege to watch people become the athletes they never knew they were. I just all around LOVE coaching at CrossFit Burleson.

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