Customer of the MonthOctober

Bill Gill

Years at Crossfit Burleson TX: 1

Bill is always willing to put in work!

Meet our October Athlete of the Month.  This is Bill!  You can find Bill at the 9:30am class most days.  As his coach, he always makes me smile when he walks through the door.  He rarely misses a day, in fact…in just the month of August he attended CFB 26 days out of the month.  That is IMPRESSIVE!  Bill stays after class for open gym, works out with his Coach for extra credit, and is improving at a very fast pace!  Bill is one you can count on…whether it be for an extra WOD, a listening ear, a smoothie after class, or just an all around good friend!  GOOD JOB BILL…WE ARE SO PROUD TO HAVE YOU!

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